XACTIV excels in one of the most difficult of engineering disciplines, systems engineering. The design and development of complex mechanisms and systems require the application of engineering discipline in order to achieve success. That discipline is known as systems engineering and it is often the rarest of engineering specialties. In addition to the area of specialization in which they were initially trained, our systems engineers have demonstrated proficiency in multiple technologies including an understanding of materials, and materials interactions. For a deeper understanding of specific scientific disciplines our engineers have the opportunity to call upon specialists from the XACTIV Fellows group or other specialists available in the technical community.

At XACTIV our systems engineers are deeply involved, especially at the start of a new project. The beginning of a project is the time when crucial technical decisions are made that can have the largest influence on schedule, system cost and system performance. Once such decisions are made, it gets increasingly difficult as time goes on to backtrack or change these fundamental directions. This is why our systems engineering expertise can be such an essential resource to our customers.

Systems engineers work with customers to develop requirements and document them into specifications. This is usually followed by a concept development phase that may include the development, presentation and discussion of several system architecture alternatives.