XACTIV History

XACTIV, founded in 2009, emerged from a prominent West-Coast digital printing technology development firm. XACTIV provides solutions to challenging 2-D and 3-D printing, material patterning, placement, and coating problems.  XACTIV’s mission includes the manufacturing of the related active, application-specific, liquids and powder materials and as appropriate the finished converted product.  XACTIV uses its printer development heritage to design reliable, cost-effective, and highly integrated medical, consumer and office electronic system products by providing not only design and development consulting but full product manufacturing services to our clients.

XACTIV’s strength is its world class staff of technology experts that have been responsible for generating nearly 1,000 patents and hundreds of technical papers and presentations. Today, XACTIV leverages the vast knowledge base of these “XACTIV Fellows”, leading universities researchers, and its full-time staff of experts to seek the most competitive solutions for its clients.