XACTIV provides a wide variety of testing services for the digital printing, medical device, electronic imaging, and image capture industries. Our standard and application-specific test-strategies are based upon our extensive experience in developing and assuring products to the most exacting requirements of major manufacturers and in evaluating a wide range of hardware, software, consumables and supplies.

Our primary testing services include:

Competitive Analysis

We provide support for your product marketing and engineering performance evaluation/benchmarking programs.

XACTIV’s unsurpassed ability to evaluate system hardware, system software, materials and supplies provides clients with a timely and unbiased analysis of their products and the competition. This analysis helps identify key strengths for marketing emphasis and provides independent technical credibility for your marketing claims. XACTIV’s analysis provides valuable data and insights for evaluating current products and planning tomorrow’s product strategy.

Design Verification Testing (DVT)

Does your product or prototype meet the intended design specifications?

XACTIV provides evaluation programs for software and hardware to ensure compliance with the original design specifications. Areas of noncompliance are documented and can be analyzed by XACTIV’s team of experts for root cause. Recommendations for design improvements are provided as desired.

Problem Analysis

Are you experiencing a flurry of product returns or failures?

With an experienced staff of engineers and technology authorities specializing in printer and electromechanical devices, XACTIV is able to develop custom testing programs to provide timely feedback in specific areas important to our clients. This approach allows our clients to outsource special technical or problem-solving tasks without impacting in-house technical resources.