XACTIV has designed, coded and debugged numerous printer interface programs across a variety of platforms, operating systems and applications. These include Microsoft Windows Drivers for the Windows family using Microsoft’s SDK’s for mini-drivers, uni-drivers as well as direct custom drivers using Microsoft Foundation Class and C++. XACTIV maintains developer status with third party driver SDKs to produce custom drivers where the simple Microsoft drivers do not provide sufficient functionality and full custom development may be prohibitively expensive.

XACTIV has provided drivers for all types of print environments including impact (dot matrix), inkjet, thermal and EP imaging. XACTIV has also produced drivers for monochrome, spot color and full color printing, including the development of color management processes. Additional driver development work for high reliability printing environments such as IBM IPDS and HP-PJL provides a knowledge base in closed loop printing where print verification, job recovery, and page duplication prevention are critical. XACTIV has created drivers for mobile platforms such as Windows CE using its platform builder and custom drivers for serial communications to printers used with Android devices.

XACTIV’s extensive development experience in print engines, printer controllers, Raster Image Processors and PDL emulation programs insures that XACTIV understands the functionality, speed and user feature-access requirements that must be managed by the driver program, whether it be an OS specific implementation or a custom direct printing application. XACTIV understands the complete printing environment and can tailor its driver development activities, development environment and test activities to your system’s unique requirements.