XACTIV Overview

Request a quoteXACTIV Inc. is an independent, interdisciplinary, product development and deployment provider specializing in the precision coating, placement & patterning of active liquids and powders enabling extraordinary 2D and 3D product performance. We develop, optimize, and supply digital printing-related ink-jet, electrophotography, and electrodeposition processes and custom application-specific inks and other functional liquids and powders. We also provide concept development, engineering, optimization, and cost reduction of functional or active liquid and powder patterning systems and proprietary products manufactured using these advanced processes and systems.

Based upon over twenty-five years of successful experience designing and manufacturing high-performance digital printing systems and related technology, XACTIV also provides the design, performance optimization, cost reduction, and manufacturing of highly-integrated electro-mechanical and electro-optical subsystems, and complete  instruments such as those found in the consumer electronics, banking, office automation, medical, biomedical, and analytical  instrumentation marketplaces among others.

Additionally, XACTIV provides digital printing and 3D rapid prototyping technology evaluation, assessment and due diligence services in support of client acquisition/funding decisions or legal activities.