THE Challenge…

Downsizing, budget-cutting, and the increased demands for productivity have created a challenging business reality where managers are asked to do much more with much less. The drive to remain competitive, while meeting the changing needs and demands of the marketplace, has created a highly competitive, shrinking “time-to-market” environment. Consequently, organizations must continue to seek out ways to be both responsive to the marketplace and profitable – at the same time.

More and more companies are taking a hard look at what can be accomplished through the use of external resources.

Outsourcing will allow you to…
  • Reduce Labor Cost – Labor remains one of the largest cost elements of product design and manufacturing companies. Outsourcing product and process development and manufacturing, when you need such capability and capacity, makes good business sense
  • Reduce Overhead Cost – Outsourcing product and process development and manufacturing allows you to reduce manufacturing overhead, utilities and maintenance costs and to further control the size of your quality, engineering, R&D, technician, and supervisory employee base.
  • Gain Flexibility – Work with an outsourcing partner that has a long-term successful track-record and the specialized facilities and expertise needed to be successful.
  • Focus Your Efforts – Many successful technology driven companies outsource product and process development and manufacturing to allow them to enhance the focus of their human capital and financial resources on strategic priorities such as marketing, sales, service, distribution, brand development, and business leadership.
  • Gain Access to Technology and Technologists – Outsourcing to an industry leader having a successful track-record allows you to gain immediate access to the right experts, technology, and tools to reduce your risks and set your strategy on the right course, right away.
  • Maximize Agility – Strategic outsourcing of product and process development and manufacturing can allow you to dramatically improve your time-to-market responsiveness.
XACTIV is Your Product & Process Development and Manufacturing Outsourcing Partner…

The increasing complexity of new technological advances creates the need to acquire expertise and flexibility from specialization. XACTIV is an excellent outsourcing choice offering years of successful experience in the development and deployment of advanced digital printing technology and proprietary instrument design and manufacturing.

XACTIV has an impressive track record, completing hundreds of projects for an extensive client base including Adobe Systems, Cabot, Canon, Eastman Kodak, Epson, Exxon, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Lexmark, Mars, Oki, Xerox and many other Fortune 500 companies.

Your Digital Printing and Product Development & Manufacturing SOLUTION

XACTIV can assist you in many ways…

  • serving as your “virtual” engineering department
  • designing complex subsystems
  • coordinating systems integration
  • managing complete product development programs
  • training employees on new technologies
  • analyzing/resolving technical problems
  • investigating alternative technologies
  • providing competitive analysis and benchmarking
  • providing a skilled supplemental workforce during peak loads