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TPR’s Image Permanence Data Management System

Image Permanence Data Management SystemiP-ANALYSIS is an XACTIV/Torrey Pines Research-developed and  easy-to-use database management system that provides robust data handling, manipulation, and analysis for labs and engineers. The initial version of the software is intended to be used for studying and analyzing photographic image permanence data. It has been designed by users of software packages that were either general purpose data calculators or specialized laboratory programs. Such software has been the norm in collecting, analyzing, and sharing image permanence data. Sharing data between such generalized programs often leads to data handling problems, corruption, and redundancy.

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TEC Analyzer TEC-2  PDLab TC/Charge Analyzer Model TEC-2

The TEC-2 measures toner concentration, tribo-electric characteristics, and electrostatic charge-to-mass (Q/M) of dual-component developer materials in a compact, portable unit.

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PDLab BreadboardTPR’s PDLab Breadboard

A configurable, computer-controlled platform for critical printing technology R&D and process experimentation.

Electrostatic and Ink Jet Configurations

Available for…

  • Research and Development
  • Critical Experimentation
  • Feasibility Testing
  • Data Acquisition

Additional Specialized Tools

PDLab TC/Charge AnalyzerPDLab TC/Charge Analyzer

Measures two-components toner concentration and tribo-electric characteristics using toner blow off method.

PDLab Toner AspiratorPDLab Toner Aspirator

Measures mono-component toner, triboelectric and mass-per-area characteristics.

PDLab Fuser FixturePDLab Fuser Fixture

Enables parametric testing of fuser components and systems.

PDLab Mag Roll MapperPDLab Mag Roll Mapper

Measures field characteristics of magnetic delivery development system.

Services and Tools For:
  • Printer Companies
  • Subsystem Suppliers
  • Consumable Suppliers
  • Companies requiring unique micro-dispensing and coating applications using advanced printer technology