Materials science or materials engineering is a broad-ranging interdisciplinary area of science dealing with the properties of matter. It encompasses the nature and behavior of matter, from the subatomic to the bulk forms of the materials that make up our macro-world. The many forms of digital printing, patterning, and coating systems depend heavily upon the unique and often times subtle characteristics of the application-specific liquids and powders that enable such technologies. For example, the various electrophotography processes described in this web site depend heavily upon the electrostatic (triboelectric), conductive, resistive, magnetic, color, particle size, particle shape, environmental sensitivity, melt-point, lubricity, and photosensitivity characteristics (to name just a few) of the liquids, powders, toners, additives, and other active materials that play a starring role in the architecture, physics, and chemistry of today’s digital printing processes.

The XACTIV team includes scientists that have strong backgrounds in the materials science of contemporary digital printing processes and our in-house capability is further amplified and supported by select members of the XACTIV Fellows team. Whether you are searching for an ink-jetted solution or a powdered toner-based electrophotographic approach, XACTIV has the experience and expertise needed to make your project a success.