The commercialization of digital imaging products and the popularity of those products greatly influences contemporary manufacturers of digital cameras, film and print scanners, inkjet and electrophotographic printers, and a multitude of other digital input devices and digital output devices.

Color science is an important technical discipline in all of the aforementioned applications and in the digital printing and printer manufacturing, photo finishing, pharmaceutical, biomedical, medical imaging, remote sensing, surveying, astronomy, oceanography markets as well.

Color science allows one to measure and manipulate color with reference to the human visual system, a process that begins with the characterization of input and output devices. Such device characterization allows us to understand how a given system responds to colors (input) or creates colors from known signals (output). Once the device has been characterized a model can be constructed to manipulate input signals and transform and optimize them to yield the desired results. The organization or management of color reproduction among input, output, and intermediate display devices is known as “color management”. Worldwide standards as defined by the International Color Consortium (ICC) are utilized by imaging product manufacturers around the world in their colorimetric engineering activities. XACTIV has experience in creating standard and custom ICC Profiles for input devices, output devices, and monitors.

The science of color measurement, termed colorimetry, creates the foundation from which color can be manipulated. Mathematical models pertaining to the human visual system allow us to compute approximations to perceived colors from raw spectral measurements and to define the colors numerically.

As industries respond to consumer demand for increasing color quality, the importance of color science in product development correspondingly increases. XACTIV has significant color science experience and can provide you and your program with the necessary expertise and engineering support.