INRange EMMA automated medication dispensing system

EMMA OneINRange Inc. of Altoona, PA recently introduced an exciting new remote medication delivery and reporting instrument called EMMA. EMMA is an easy to use automated medication dispensing system that stores, sorts, selects, and dispenses a patient’s medications to assure that they take the right dose at the right time each day.

INRange needed to select a development partner to provide the mechanical, electrical, industrial design and packaging engineering required to bring this exciting new technology to the marketplace. The schedule was tight. INRange chose XACTIV.

INRange, founded in 2002, is a pioneer in developing and marketing remote medication management systems. EMMA is the first medication management system to communicate wirelessly, via secure Wi-Fi or cellular connection, to cloud-based software. This enables the pharmacy to remotely control and program EMMA . Considering the criticality of the application, EMMA’s design needed to provide extraordinary reliability and robustness. Based upon the product shelf-space and medication capacity requirement, an unusually compact yet flexible mechanical configuration was required. The economic model set stringent guidelines regarding cost of manufacturing.

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XACTIV worked closely with INRange team-members to make sure all of the production design specification goals were met, ensuring customer satisfaction and maximum competitive advantage

XACTIV provides highly competitive medical and health care related instrument development and manufacturing deployment services in support of clients needing outsourced technical support.

For more information about INRange Inc. and its exciting medication management products, visit the INRange website.